About Me

Hey there! First of all, I'm completely honored to have you here and I hope something I make, do or pass along can inspire you to make yourself a more festive nest.

Okay, about me...let's see. Well for starters I'm 26 years old and I currently moved back to my home state of Oklahoma, from Los Angeles. In LA, I worked as a casting assistant for a few TV shows and feature films, but a little homesickness for family and friends brought us back. In fact, I was blessed enough to land a design job at the corporate offices of a large arts and craft store chain. I love it. I get to play with art supplies, and make cool stuff everyday. 

Here's a few more random facts about me:

-I had never flown on a plane before my 18th birthday. Since then I've been to at least 17 other countries. I guess you could say I'm making up for lost time.
-My husband proposed on the balcony of a castle in the snow, while we were studying abroad in Vienna, Austria.
-We lived in Japan and taught English our first year of marriage.
-I have a beagle named Gypsy Sue, but she has other nicknames including "Nugget, Little Foot, Little Bit, Gyp-Dog" and about 20 more.
-Slugs and possums freak me out.
-My favorite breakfast is an everything bagel with cream cheese, a pickle and a coke. YUM.
-Procrastination and disorganization are my two worst qualities.
-If shopping were a sport I'd be an Olympian.

That's it for now I suppose. If you have any questions, or have something you'd like to see, let me know! Thanks again for stopping by!
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