Friday, February 19, 2010

A Thrifty Find!

I love garage sales and thrift stores. I love them so much I get a little bit of a "buzz" when I make a really great find. Behold, the cutest napkin holder in the world! Actually I got 8 of them, plus some plain wooden and plastic white ones. I really only wanted the birds so I'll probably re-donate the plain ones...unless I can think of something to do with them. :) I got the whole bag for $2. Can't really beat that, especially since the birds look like something from Anthropologie, (favorite store!) and while I love the store I don't really love the prices. So I like to go in and get an idea of what I like, and then recreate with what I can find. The challenge is the best part! I haven't decided where to put them yet, but when I do, I'll post pictures.

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