Monday, July 4, 2011

Hola! Just popping my head back in. The last few months have been filled with furniture buying, (grrr, which I'm still impatiently waiting on) decorating, working like crazy and catching up with friends and family.

All that being said, it's easy to forget to take time to relax and center. This last weekend I got to spend a wonderful girls weekend in Dallas and I took a little break from curtains and coffee tables and got some little goodies from Lush.

I've always loved looking at Lush, but I've never straight up committed to actually buying anything there. This time instead of just sampling everything, getting the salespersons hopes up and walking out, I actually bought a few things.

Here's what I got:

-The Avobath Bomb
-The Sexy Peel Bar Soap
-The Coalface Facial Cleanser

So far I love all three. I used the Avobath bomb tonight (break it up so you don't use it all at once.) The Coalface cleanser seems weird, but the coal in it actually dries up the oil on your face, which for me is awesome. And the Sexy Peel bar just simply smells amazing. I wish I could try everything they have, I'm especially intrigued in their solid shampoo bars. I wonder how long they could really last and how well they'd lather up...oh well there's always next time!
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