Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have a blog? What?

I didn't completely forget I had a blog...I just sorta failed to acknowledge it. I got to fly back to Oklahoma last month to surprise my family and when I found out my latest project at work got pushed back a few weeks I just extended my trip. While I was home I got to soak in the glory that is Oklahoma. This included multiple trips to Sonic's happy hour, Pepperoni Grill (twice), and Hobby Lobby more times than I can count.

While I was home I helped my mom plan and decorate for the 2010 Seniors banquet at church. Event planning, no matter how big or small, is pretty much our favorite thing to do. She had the general idea ready to go when I got there, and we just went from there. Aren't those polk-a-dotted balloons cute? 

Here's how the tables were set up so you get the full effect.

I also made a TON of cute new stuff for my Etsy shop and am in the process of getting those up and ready to go. And I promise to be a better blogger, and to never neglect it again.

...okay we know that's not true, but still...

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