Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet and Spooky

Happy Halloween! It's here. FINALLY. What I've been waiting for.


Nope not a new trend in yoga, the BIG STRETCH, is what I like to think of as the Super Bowl of decor. Starting now we are in a steady stream of holiday goodness. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. Boo yah! Crafty delights are around every corner and I can't keep them waiting. 

So here's what I did this year.

1. The "runner" is from Target. Actually, it's the tablecloth. I got it home and decided it was too heavy so I folded it into fourths and it made a great runner.
2. Glitter skulls were from Dollar Tree last year.
3. Striped mini pails were from Target last year too. Yay for the "Dollar Spot!" Am I right? :)
4. Various glass containers added additional structure and held the most important part. The CANDY!
5. Candles added spookiness and glittered spiders and purple sequins added the much needed magic.

Here's a close up of one of the glittered spiders. All I had to do was buy a bag of those cheap little orange and black spider rings, spray paint them green, douse them in glue and cover in glitter. Sparkly and spooky!

The banner was a pre-made one from Hobby Lobby. Well it really was just plain brown, but I covered it in green scrapbook paper, stamped on some swirly designs, and distressed the edges. I restrung it and hung it amidst the cobwebs. Super easy and I love that I have a unique banner all my own.

I may dilly dally and do a little more decorating as the day nears, but I'm pretty happy with the decor for the first Halloween in the new house.

Guess who doesn't care whether I decorate or not. This one. :)

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