Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the LA Nest Part 2

Here's a look at what we did with the bedroom here in our LA apartment. I haven't even left yet and I miss it already! Not really going to miss the street noise though. Apparently honking your horn until your friend comes out of their apartment building is an acceptable means of communication. Because a cell phone couldn't possibly do that job, and burning a few calories by actually getting out of your car to walk to their door is simply asking too much. And now I'm off subject...on with the before and afters!

We really lucked out and found a place with a pretty large bedroom. It was really fun to fix up and was so homey and cozy. Just our little oasis in the heart of Koreatown. :)

Here's a look from the other way. White walls kind of make me nutty nuts, so I had to get some color on them. 

Another view.

The doors to the balcony went from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. I will definitely miss this space as it was like having another living space. Gotta love LA weather!

The little furry one had a lot of fun out here too. She loved people watching, sun bathing and waiting for Jon to get home from work.

Good times. Good times.

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  1. Nice house, i am sure you will find an equally good house shortly.


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