Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Love Flakes

I love flakes. Snowflakes. There is something so magical and beautiful about watching them fall, catching them on your tongue as they cover everything making it clean and bright. Ever since I was little I've loved folding paper and snipping away creating primitive snowy flakes. The photo above is the old fashioned paper snowflake all grown up. A fancy, 3D paper snowflake, that is not nearly as difficult as it looks.

I first learned how to make these when I was living in Japan and needed a cheap and easy way to transform my classroom into a "Winter Wonderland." I made about 30 of these out of silver paper and hung them at different heights and dangled silver curling ribbon from them to give them an icy look. My students loved spinning them, blowing them around and trying to jump up and touch them.

That Christmas I taught the husband how to make them, then he decorated his classroom with them. After that, one of his Japanese coworkers wanted to learn. He taught her and she taught her grandfather. The grandfather invited the husband to his home and inside were dozens of dangling snowflakes, like I had made, with beautiful origami paper. I just thought it was kind of neat how people pass these things around and can spread from one country to the next.

So by this point your probably thinking, "Enough already, just tell us how to make them!" Okay,'s the tutorial.

Easy huh? As you can see in the pictures of the ones I made I used mismatched scrapbook paper. I think it looks whimsical, but if all you have is typing paper go for it. They look gorgeous done in all white and the best part is that they look a lot harder to make than they really are.

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  1. I've seen a lot of these here this holiday season!


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