Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays...Y'all.

Here's the first of my DIY Christmas posts. This was a lot of fun to make and totally came out of nowhere...the best ideas do. :)

I started with the "Happy Holidays Y'all" banner. It was from the Paula Deen stuff (love her) at Michaels and I got it for 2 bucks. It came with some cheap looking green ribbon to wind through it, but I used some thin rope I had laying around. 

I also wanted to hang it above my turquoise bookshelf, across a painting I did that was already up there. I tried it and it just looked wrong and way too busy. And you know if I think it's too's too busy!

I tried it with the painting gone and the letters just kind of got lost on the white wall. No good. All I could think about was how I wished I had an extra canvas I could just paint brown to make them pop. No such luck.

Then I got the crazy idea to use a bed sheet. Yes, a bed sheet. I carefully wrapped the painting in the sheet and stuck it up there. Better, but not good enough. So I grabbed a little more of my trusty twine and just started tying it on randomly. It reminded me of both an old timey present and modern art at the same time. After that I tied the banners to it and took a step back. Yes! I loved it. 

Now, let's just see how much this little statement cost me...

Banner: $2
Sheet: $0
Twine: $0
Gold Ornaments: $3 
Ornament Stand: $0 (This is actually meant to hold hand towels...this use is more fun)
Wreath: $1
Candles: $0
So using a few new cheapies and a ton of old things in new ways my Christmas display cost me $6. Not too shabby. Thanks for reading, more to come!

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