Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DIY: Art Party

FINALLY! As promised here are a few lot of the pics from the birthday party we planned for my younger cousin. It was an art party and everything went off without a hitch! Here's how we did it.

We decorated the tree in the backyard with pretty white puffs we made and lanterns too.

 We also hung up a letter "H" and the number "10" in the tree too. You can actually buy both of these in my mom's new Etsy shop. I think these would be gorgeous for an outdoor wedding!

To keep their pretty party clothes clean, my aunt had the great idea to pick up oxford shirts at thrift stores to use as smocks. We thought this was a great way to present them and have them ready for the the little Picassos right away.

After suiting up the girls got right to work on their masterpieces. We laid down a large tarp and so they could get comfy and creative. I love this picture, it was a gorgeous fall day.

I even got to join in on the festivities. I love painting and it was so fun to see what the girls came up with. 

The party table! This was probably what I was most excited about. I love putting together buffet tables and this one was just so fun. I loved making the pendant banners for her, because like me, Honor loves anything with her name on it.

So confetti is always festive to sprinkle on the table, but what if you want more layers and depth to your look? I found these adorable sparkly pom poms and scattered them all over the table for a very whimsical look.

Here's a few of the little goodies we had. We served lemonade in mason jars, and my uncle punched a hole in the lid to cut down on spills. We served gum balls and gummy bears labeled, "DaVinci's Drops" and "Warhol's Watercolors" respectively. Marshmallows on sticks dipped in cherry Jello, yellow chocolate, and blue sugar became "Picasso's Paint Brushes" and were excellent along side "Leonardo's Licorice." After I printed all the labels off I asked the birthday girl if she knew who these artists were and the answer was "no." I chose to include them anyway which was a tad self-indulgent of me, but I just thought they were so cute!

Do not be fooled! 10 year old girls may look dainty and tiny, but boy can they eat!! We wrapped the sandwiches individually so they'd stay fresh and labeled them so they could choose between turkey or PB&J. I love this picture, hands everywhere, like vultures with bows. I should also point out, that while it's not in this picture, a paint bucket full of cheese puffs were the hands down fave. Note to self: Don't knock yourself out trying to be a gourmet for a kids party. Cheese puffs are where it's at.

I just had to add this picture. This was all we saw the whole night. Just beret and legs. It suits her though, no birthday tiara for this one.

The night was finished off with a movie under the stars, "Marmaduke" I think, and hot chocolate and popcorn. Apparently they didn't seem to mind the flash of my camera.

All in all it was a great party and we had some serious fun putting it together. Now all I need is a new project. Anyone need their parties planned?

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  1. My goodness! My childhood birthdays can't even compare! What a magical day!! You are a truly queen of party planning. It looks like everyone had a great day.


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