Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flaunt the Haunt: Vintage Classic

This is a little series I like to call "Flaunt the Haunt." On a recent trip home my mom and I got into the holiday mood and decked out her and my aunt's dining rooms. This particular post is my mom's spooky dining room filled with classic Halloween decor with a vintage look.

The thing about decorating for any holiday is the little things. I love the details in this room because we get the vintage look with an old timey cat. We get classic with the jack-o-lantern pails cascading down the steps, and we get a little glamour from the glittered pumpkin in the candlelight. My mom also wanted to use one of my bridal portraits to make things a little spookier. Not sure what to think about that... :)
Here are a few more looks at what we did with the space. The wreaths with the orange berries will last her all the way through Thanksgiving so double the value and the owl and ghost really contribute to the vintage look. I've also brought your attention to the up lit tree in the window. It makes it look kinda creepy, so that, plus all the candles really puts off an extra spooky vibe...BOO!

Also it's fun to include throwbacks to Halloweens of the past. I think I made an adorable toothless tooth fairy and my brother a cutey of a Captain Hook. Those were the days...

So that's my first installment of "Flaunt the Haunt" hope you liked it. There's more to come, so get yourself decorating and remember...

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