Monday, October 25, 2010

Flaunt the Haunt: Shabby Spooky

Who says you can't decorate for Halloween when your dining room is baby blue? Here's how.

My mom and I were recently "tapped" by my aunt Becky to help her decorate her dining room for the scary season and we were super excited to do it. You see, in our family we like to do what I call swarming. Swarming is when one person has a project/event and everyone with an ability to help swarms in and gets it done.

My mom and I make a particularly good swarm team because we're honest, sometimes brutally honest, with each other. BUT it's a good thing. For some reason we can critique each other's ideas and no feelers get hurt. It works out especially well because she favors clean and simple and I lean toward bold colors and mismatching so we always come out with a good balance.

Becky's running theme through her house is kind of shabby chic. So for Halloween decor you just kind of roll with it. We had a lot of fun with her dining room because she had a lot of stuff to work with. Here are a few of the details:
A couple of ceramic owls are a cute little touch, we also made the "Boo." Above the faux fireplace Becky had already framed pretty Halloween scrapbook paper, which is a great statement and can be changed out easily with different seasons and holidays. In the fireplace we hung a wooden jack-o-lantern. I loved it because it reminded me of the little doorways to the different holidays in "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Like you could almost open it and step right into Halloween town.

Here's another frame Becky outfitted with scrapbook paper and cute letters. Eek!

The rest of room was dusted with Halloween knick knacks, serving trays, tea towels, and when in doubt, tie a ribbon on it! Decorating is all about using what you have, making it work and having someone there to reel you in.

You only have a few days left to decorate so get to moving! And just like last time...

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