Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Haul-idays: 99 Cent Only Store

It's coming! Halloween is coming, and will be here before you know. I've been hitting up this 99 Cent Store like it's my job lately and this post is dedicated to the finds I found today. What you see above is a glittery tile thing I found on the Halloween aisle and I paired it up with a picture frame holder I spotted on the other side of the store. Cute little statement for less than $2.

I love candles of all shapes, sizes and smells and I've had my eye on these little gems for awhile now. This is the Glade Oil Candle melter and candles. For less than $2 you get the melting bowl and 4 sniff worthy candles. Fun, fun.

Just a few groceries to spruce up dinner tonight. My friends may laugh, but you can actually eat really well and really cheaply here.

I may or may not have gone over board on the make up today. You see when I spend a lot of money on eye shadow I tend to opt for taupes and neutrals, you know daytime make up. But you drop a buck here and you can afford to follow the trends. Purple eyeshadow for cheap? Sign me up.

Hello headbands! If you watched the Emmy's this year you probably noticed the red carpet was loaded with Grecian inspired looks and hair-dos. How gorgeous is this gold, double braided beauty? And if I'm being completely honest, you should know I bought it in copper too.

Two perty green vases. I have a very specific purpose for these and you'll get to see it soon. Keep your eyes peeled for a DIY post featuring these in the next week or so. :)

And sprinkles just because they are fun and pretty and the vanilla bean ice cream in my freezer needs to play dress up.

That's my haul for today. Hope it inspired you to find deals wherever you can. Happy Haul-idays!

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