Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trashy Tip: The Dreaded Cords of the Junk Drawer

I'm a right-brained kind of lady no matter how you look it. This is not something that can be changed. I love design, color, and spontaneity. I blow through my apartment from room to room and project to project, leaving a trail of destruction,  creativity, and let's face it, messiness.

I'm very high energy when I get going on a project and you can be worn out just by being in my presence. Ask anyone I've ever lived with: parents, roommates, and of course now, my poor husband. Sometimes he comes home to a delicious meal and a perfectly clean house. And sometimes he walks in to find an explosion of color, snips of little paper everywhere, and me teetering dangerously off of a chair trying to get that perfect photo for my Etsy shop. Don't worry, I locked him down. I even emphasized the importance of creativity in our marriage vows... just to keep me covered.

I say all of this to make the point that when I can find a way to be organized, even a little bit, I’ve got to share it.
How many digital cameras have you blown through in the last few years? How many TVs have you had? What about your Wii? DVD and MP3 players? What happens to all of the attachments, cords and thing-a-ma-jigs?  If you’re like me they usually end up in the junk closet or just piled in a drawer where they become tangled beyond belief. I got sick of it. I especially got sick of unraveling the entire ball of cords only to find that I'd untangled the wrong one.

Simple solution. Undo your wad of cords and lay them out separately. Coil them gently around themselves and place each in its own Ziploc bag. Put them back in the drawer. Now, the next time you need a USB cable for your camera, you can easily see it through the bag. The hassle is gone! You could even go so far as to label them...but you know, that would just be too practical for me.

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