Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stuff I Love: A Well Packed Lunch

 It's that time of year again. Back to school. I'm not still in school, and I don't have kids, but I can't help but get excited every time I see all school supplies taking over the stores. When I was little I would eagerly await the school supply list, my eyes would dance up and down it, hopping from one item to the next. The year we were required to buy a compass especially stands out to me. I was thrilled that I would finally need one of those! I got it home, let my mom write my name on it in Sharpie, and before the ink could dry I was drawing perfect circle after perfect circle. Amazing! How had I not had one of these before?! As excited as I got over the compass, you would have thought I was well on my way to becoming a Mathlete. Nope! I was only interested in what it could do for me artistically.

And for every ounce of excitement I had for the new school supplies displays at Target or Walmart, my brother had equal or greater animosity toward them. My amazing mom would go to great lengths to shield my him from the glare of brand new notebooks, or the smell of freshly displayed crayons. Yes, in order to keep his summer happier (and ours by association) she would go the long way around the store to get what she needed and get us out of there content and none the wiser. Meltdown averted. Go Mom.

Another very important back to school "buy" was the all-important lunch box. That brings us to my top picks for lunch boxes this year, and though they will never top my plastic "Popple" one, these are pretty awesome. Plus, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy a well packed, highly stylish lunch. 

Pretty and Preppy. $22.00 Pottery Barn Kids.

Industrial. Get it at this very cool site for only $24.95.

Recycled, plus 1% goes towards the Nature Conservancy. $9.95. Same store as before.

Personalized! This might be my favorite. Get it at Girly Twirly for $36.00.

Japanese Bento Box! Stylish and keeps the portions under control. $32.99 at Amazon.

Those a my top picks for this year! What kind of lunch box did you have growing up? Here's the one my mom had! Vintage chic?

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