Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thai Lime & Chili Cashews

So a funny thing happened a year or two ago... My tastes changed. I used to hate nuts with a passion. For me, a perfectly good plate of brownies could be ruined by them. Now I still like my brownies untainted, but I can say with honesty, that I have a new appreciation for nuts.

Since we've moved to Los Angeles, I've become friendly with Trader Joe's. It's an organic grocery store, smaller than Whole Foods,  but also much cheaper! They have all these great trail mixes and the one I usually get is the Sweet and Savory Mix...and if I'm being completely honest I like it the best because it's the one with the most chocolate in it.
Back to how I discovered these little beauties. Trader Joe's was out of my usual candy infested goodness, so I took the time to actually look around and see what else they had to offer a girl like me. What?! Thai flavored cashews?!  Interesting. Especially since I've recently fallen in love with Thai food, and let's just say there's a little place around the corner that I'm pretty sure my husband and I are keeping in business.

These cashews seriously taste like Thai food. Some of them just have that undefinable flavor and some of them pack a hefty punch. SPICY.

I tried cooking Thai food from scratch for the first time the other night and tossed in a few of these zingers with the chicken and it was delicious! I'll try to make it again and post it on here in a few weeks or so.

If you get a chance, run by Trader Joe's, and give these cashews a try!

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