Thursday, April 15, 2010

Old Navy Coupons

Old Navy isn't necessarily the most high fashion place I shop, but they always have the staples you need. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I've got a closet full of their long tanks in just about every color. Some of my favorite pairs of shorts are from there, and nearly every pair of flip-flops I've bought in the last 10 years have come from there.

That brings me to this weeks post.  Did you know that nearly every week Old Navy lets you play for coupons?! I didn't either until a few months ago.

When I first found out about them, Old Navy had a "micro" site besides their main one. It looked like a weekly circular ad you'd find in the paper, except it was on-line. You'd have to click around to find the hidden coupons. This might mean dragging a scarf and putting it on one of "supermodelquinns" or clicking on a light switch to make the light on the picture come on. Usually it was a combination of clicks that had to be done in a certain order. This would happen every Thursday night and the time would change from week to week.  Are you still with me? Does that make any sense?

The funny part is, there's kind of a subculture that goes along with these coupons. There are whole chat rooms devoted to finding them. In fact, that's how I finally got my first one. I had 2 laptops for the Old Navy page and one for the chat room. Dork, I know...but at least I got one!

Well Old Navy changed the contest. Instead of the mini-site, they have moved it to their Old Navy fan page on Facebook. It's now called "Barkers Bones" and really all you have to do is click around on the little holes that "Barker" (remember their little mascot dog?) has "buried" them. MUCH easier. I think it's a little more fair this way too. I know with the old site hackers were taking most of the coupons and reselling them on eBay. RUDE.

So your probably thinking, "Really, Nicah? All this for a coupon?" I know, and if it were any less I probably wouldn't mess with it...I mean really, all of this work for a tiny coupon for things I really don't need if I'm being honest. But that's not the whole story. These are big coupons, right now the highest being $50.00 off of $100.00. Pretty nice huh?

I actually got one today and I'm so excited! I haven't been shopping in forever and as an unpaid intern living in Hollywood, I need all the deals I can get. I think they gave away 120 of the BIG coupons today, but there are a lot of others too. $15 off $75, $10 off $50 and $5 off $50 too. 

The coupons seem to be resetting every Thursday still, I think it happened around 3:30 Pacific Time today, but Old Navy likes to be tricky. If you want a big one, you've got to hunt on Thursdays, you can still get the smaller ones throughout the week though. OH and here is the biggy: You've got to use the coupon with in the week.

-If you want to play go here.
-Also, here's where I first learned about the contest, and the chat room which really is handy. This blog has tons of money saving advice, deals, and more.

Happy Hunting!!!

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