Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini Cobblers!

Sometimes you just don't feel like going all out and making a huge dessert. Since it's just the two of us, if I make a full size anything, there's going to be leftovers, and the last thing I need is to have tons of cobbler laying around. Plus these are just so cute and EASY, you might not ever go back!
Like I said, these are super simple. What I started with was a bag of frozen blackberries from the 99¢ Only Store. If you haven't ever bought groceries there, I highly recommend it. Their produce is usually amazing...I've even found organic cherry tomatoes there...they were delicious AND so much cheaper than say, Von's or Ralph's. 99¢ Only Store. Check it out.
Like shining jewels! Aren't they pretty? I love the coloring of blackberries. Oh, by the way, if you're not a fan of them you can use any frozen fruit for this. A discriminating friend informed me today that she only likes peach cobbler, so if that's your fruit, run with it. Strawberry pie is a favorite of my husbands, and it just so happens I bought a bag of those too. I'll have to try a strawberry cobbler type thing too.

Back to the recipe!
I used about half the bag. Use about however many will fit into your ramekins. There are 2 of us so I used 2 ramekins full, plus extra because the berries will cook down. Take your "measured" berries and put them in a pot. Warning: If you are a Type A personality you're probably not going to like the way I cook. I guess on nearly everything (except baking) and pretty much make up whatever I'm cooking on the spot. I just like the creativity of it. When I was little I preferred blank typing paper to coloring books, I guess this is just the grown up version.
Pour on the sugar! I used a very generous handful.
Cook on low until they get nice and juicy.
Then scoop them out. I like to use a slotted spoon (that's a thing right?) so I don't get too much juice. You really just want the berries out because they'll get even juicier in the oven.
These ramekins are my favorite cooking tool right now. With portion size being so distorted these days they really keep you in check. I found these at World Market for like $4 if I remember right. Plus, I love this color.
Fill em up! You want it to be a little under the rim, so there's no spillover.
Sprinkle on a little more sugar. It's okay since a lot of it got cooked out already. I can justify anything.
Get out the biscuits. I'm a big fan of semi-homemade things. No reason to do more than you have to! Pillsbury: You know where to send my check.
Then take the biscuits out. I love the "POP!" from opening biscuits. I think they are the most amazing things to cook with. Super easy, fun to play with and smell delicious straight out of the can. Don't worry, I have never eaten them raw. I wouldn't want the smell to be ruined for me.

Anyway, I used kitchen scissors to cut mine up into little strips and just placed them sporadically over the berries until they were pretty much covered. I think mine ended up being about 1 1/2 biscuits for each ramekin.

I also love the contrast of salty and sweet so I salt the tops of the cobblers at this point.

Put them in the oven at 450 degrees, for 8-10 minutes. Make sure you watch them and with the tips on the little biscuit strips start to brown you are good to go.
YUM. This picture makes me happy. I think because nothing's burnt and you know you're almost in the clear. Just needs one more thing...
Vanilla ice cream! Doesn't that look good? Even as I'm writing this, I'm kind of wishing we had some leftovers...guess I'll have to try the strawberry version tonight!

Try it yourself, don't be afraid to play, and make mistakes. It's how your learn and how you'll discover some amazing recipes!

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